Dr. Fauci Predicts At Least 3 More COVID Variants May Be Required To Completely Break America’s Spirit

U.S.—As America looks forward to leaving the pandemic behind and getting back to normal, Dr. Fauci went on a media tour to say “not so fast!” According to America’s wisest sage, there are new, exciting, and dangerous variants of COVID-19 on their way, which may require another round of lockdowns. “America’s spirit isn’t completely broken […]

In a strange twist of events, dogs begin demanding cat flavored dog food

Dogs across America have joined in with major protest against the dog food they have been receiving from there “careless” owners. Dogs have been sighted across the country wearing signs, refusing to eat and peeing on strangers, according to activist Karen Murphy. Karen Murphy, self-proclaimed dog translator, is speaking for the group who has, according […]

Millennials demand elderly stay in bubbles for sake of humanity, reopen country

Millennials spent yesterday protesting the 2020 covid-19 mandated quarantine at local parks across the country. They are demanding that elderly and the most vulnerable find a different way to protect themselves. “This isn’t fair,” said Becky Smith, founder of the new movement ‘Put Elderly in Bubbles to Open the Country. “We have the perfect solution […]

Legislators Admit Recreational Marijuana Passed in Blue States to Help Ease the Pain Of Election Results

Residents of California, Massachusetts and Nevada are dealing with the somewhat devastating news that an orange troll, I mean Donald Trump, has won the presidency of the United States. But in addition to that news, legislators of those states have admitted they pushed the marijuana laws through in order for Democrats to stay high over the […]