Donald Trump Offers African Americans Jobs….. In Africa


Donald Trump continues to stage an extremely bad attempt to win over the African-American vote with an appearance Saturday night on Fox News. Trump’s message to the entire black community, “Your lives are so miserable, I couldn’t possibly make things worse.” Ignoring the black middle class and describing the entire racial group as uneducated, unemployed […]

Pro-Choice Activists: Crying Babies In Restaurants Are Why We Need To Keep Abortion Legal

Pro-choice activists hold placards during a rally outside of the Supreme Court January 23, 2012 in Washington, DC. Activists on both sides of the abortion issue are rallying on the 39th anniversary of the landmark Roe vs Wade case. AFP PHOTO/Mandel NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

It’s been three years since Texas lawmakers passed the ridiculous Texas Omnibus Abortion Bill (better known as HB2) which puts overboard restrictions and requirements on abortion providers. The bill has already forced more than 40 of Texas’s women’s health centers to close and threatens to shut down all but 9 of the remaining ones. And […]

A Group Of Toddlers With Tablets Hack Into Government Database


The Obama administration on Thursday revealed that 21.5 million people had their personal information stolen by a group of hacking toddlers. These criminal masterminds, ages 1 – 3, stole “sensitive information,” including addresses, health and financial history and other private details from 19.7 million people who had been subjected to a government background check. According […]

Bernie Sanders Admits to Being High on Drugs While Giving Speech Backing Hillary Clinton


 “Wow, look at the fluffy blue puppies floating on that cloud,” Bernie Sanders was heard saying after leaving the Democratic National Convention on Monday. According to unreliable sources, Hillary Clinton was seen tampering with Bernie Sanders Fanta Orange Soda about one hour before his speech. What they saw: Hillary Clinton slipping a Molly into the […]