Legislators Admit Recreational Marijuana Passed in Blue States to Help Ease the Pain Of Election Results

Residents of California, Massachusetts and Nevada are dealing with the somewhat devastating news that an orange troll, I mean Donald Trump, has won the presidency of the United States. But in addition to that news, legislators of those states have admitted they pushed the marijuana laws through in order for Democrats to stay high over the […]

He Had To Turn Down His TV To Taste His Macaroni

This guy had to turn down his TV to taste his macaroni because he was so stoned Greg was enjoying a hot, cheesy bowl of macaroni when he realized that something strange was happening.. “My macaroni doesn’t taste cheesy enough…” “It must be this LOUD TV” Was his television spreading subliminal anti-macaroni propaganda that inhibited his tastebuds? […]

Stoner Forgets Something Important

24-year-old stoner Kevin Martinez called his best friend, Blake, in a wild panic late Saturday night after having smoked too much weed and forgetting something incredibly important that Blake had told him. Unfortunately, Blake couldn’t remember either because he also smoked too much weed that day. When asked if he ever remembered the important thing that […]

New Research Shows That Inhaling Helium Balloons Is a Gateway Drug

If you have a drug or alcohol problem, you probably inhaled helium from balloons at your birthday party when you were a kid. That’s according to new research from Yale University School of Medicine. According to the study, both men and women 18 to 25 who are hooked on prescription drugs, marijuana, or other illegal […]