2016 Presidential Debate Will Air Exclusively on Comedy Central September 26


Comedy Central just announced they have paid the Commission on Presidential Debates over $38 million to have the exclusive airing of the 2016 presidential debates. Up until fairly recently, there was quite a bit of uncertainty about whether or not Donald Trump would agree to debate Hillary Clinton at all. However, Donald Trump has been […]

Government To Ban The Use Of Forks In Restaurants “They Are Deadly In The Hands Of Gluttons”

no forks

The new ‘Fork Control’ law that President Obama announced on Tuesday is designed to keep forks out of the hands of people who have the potential for gluttony. Obama defends this new law aimed at “keeping forks out of the wrong hands.” But whose hands are considered the wrong hands? That’s where the controversy stands. According […]

Activists Protest Against Circumcision in Blood-Stained Jumpsuits “It’s a Baby’s Right to Choose”


 “Circumcision is an assault and we need to ‘stop the chop’, it should be a baby’s right to choose,” said lead activist Dick Harry during a protest in Tennessee. “When they grow up they should be able to decide what they want their penis to look like – a ‘Rocket Ship’ or a ‘Darth Vader […]