He Had To Turn Down His TV To Taste His Macaroni

This guy had to turn down his TV to taste his macaroni because he was so stoned Greg was enjoying a hot, cheesy bowl of macaroni when he realized that something strange was happening.. “My macaroni doesn’t taste cheesy enough…” “It must be this LOUD TV” Was his television spreading subliminal anti-macaroni propaganda that inhibited his tastebuds? […]

“Superbug” Having a Hard Time Being Accepted

STRAIGHT STONED – A rare strain of the E. coli infection, known as Superbug, was discovered in a 49 year-old Pennsylvania woman. A case like this has never been reported in human history and is leaving the world in a panic. When asked why he made his home in the 49 year-old woman, Superbug responded […]

iPhone 7 Is Going To Have This Groundbreaking Feature

Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed a slew of groundbreaking IOS features for the iPhone. With everything from allowing Siri to be manipulated by developers to the fresh and explosive iMessage, Apple showboated amazing elements that will be implemented in future IOS updates. After Apple WWDC 2016, Tim Cook was interviewed for additional questions on the […]