Bernie Sanders Took Acid And Had A Life-Changing Epiphany

Bernie Sanders recently announced that he took LSD last weekend and realized that becoming the next President of the United States is no longer his dream and that he’s found a new dream.

After a 14 hour trip on acid in the forest playing the bongo drums and dancing around with a wig of fake dreads on his head, Bernie decided that his new dream is to live in a Volkswagen bus, sleep on beaches and in tents, and sell weed to his stoner followers while traveling the coast of California to attend protests, which he announced at a press conference early this week.

“In my view, it is better to spend my life fulfilling myself and making others happy than to spend a life fighting with Republicans,” Bernie stated.

He even showed the press his new blunt rolling and bongo playing skills that he learned during his mind-altering trip.

Bernie’s wife is in full support and has already invested in matching flip flops and rasta beanies for the two of them.