Man Holds Bong Hit For 4.2 Minutes, Gets Really, Really High

When some people smoke marijuana they just get high. But when Martin Harris takes bong hits of marijuana, he gets “REALLY, REALLY¬†high,” according to his friends who witnessed the entire incident. What his friends are referring to his Harris’ attempt to beat the High Times world record of holding in a bong hit of 4.15 […]

Dab Puts Man in Donut Coma

Marijuana wax, dabs, shatter, honey oil…. call it what you want. But one Seattle, Wa man is calling it dangerous. Danny Stoner, 24, is recovering from a donut overdose and concussion after a series of unfortunate events that took place on Sunday. Danny got high, real high, and attempted to eat 134 chocolate donuts from […]

Gay Blood Transfusion Turns Man Into Transexual

A federal panel has overturned the ban on blood bank donations by gay men, a rule implemented 15 years ago out of fear of AIDS. The 1985 ban declared that any man who has had sex with another man even once since 1977 cannot give blood. Finally, blood bank officials said it was time to […]