In a strange twist of events, dogs begin demanding cat flavored dog food

Dogs across America have joined in with major protest against the dog food they have been receiving from there “careless” owners. Dogs have been sighted across the country wearing signs, refusing to eat and peeing on strangers, according to activist Karen Murphy.

Karen Murphy, self-proclaimed dog translator, is speaking for the group who has, according to her, been seen causing chaos in local cities. “They are tired of it. They are just plain tired of it,” said Murphy. “Dogs chase cats for a reason. They’re not just trying to play around and everybody is afraid to talk about it. They’re not asking you to kill cats, just make the food taste like them.”

PETA, who is now forced to take sides, said there is no humane way they are going to give into these demands without a fight. “Once you allow these dogs to get the taste of cat flavored dog food, they are going to want to go to the real thing,” said Lacey Reynolds, spokesperson for PETA. “We are going to have a real ticking time bomb on our hands.”

But that’s not stopping Murphy. She is formulating a new brand of pet food with a co-packer in China to give these dogs what they “rightly deserve.” Her brand PowerNutrish ‘Kitten Delight’ has a release date of May 2021.