Obama Endorses Trump

THURSDAY, WASHINGTON D.C. – Donald Trump had a very important meeting with the current POTUS, Barack Obama. Trump was invited to discuss important matters facing this country and the appropriate actions needed to make America great again. Shortly after their meeting, Obama held a press conference announcing that he is endorsing the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump.

An uproar amongst the democratic party ensued upon this announcement. When questioned, Obama responded with, “What? He’s a nice guy. After sitting down with him, he makes a lot of sense. We have to make America great again. It’s as simple as that”.

The American people are torn between who they need to support. A democratic nominee facing criminal indictment or a racist bigot. According to a recent poll done by a polling company, 178% of Americans say that if a drastic change does not happen before the primary election in November, they will migrate to Canada or Mexico.

Donald Trump’s reaction to the endorsement? He tweeted, “Of course Obama endorsed me, I’m great! Nice!.”