Poor Puppy Is STUCK in Tiny Pipe, These Workers Perform a MIRACLE

A video of a courageous dog rescue performed by amazing people in Thailand ended up going viral. The video displays a small puppy who winds up stuck inside of a small pile. Nobody knows how the puppy ended up stuck inside, since he hardly fits. Only his head made it all the way through. Once the puppy was inside, his ears wouldn’t let him come back the other way.

Nobody knows how the Thailand heroes found this dog, but the act of heroism is taking the internet by storm.

The dog fortunately stumbled upon this rescue group as another rescue group could have deemed this task impossible and euthanized the poor animal.

That was no option for these guys. The gathered their arsenal of available tools and prioritized this dogs safety.

First they lathered the dogs head with soap and water so he would be lubricated. Then the industrial strength cutting tools sliced through the metal pipe like butter, saving the poor dog’s life.