Scientists Confirm Cat People Are Crazy

Scientists conducted a recent study which found that the number of cats a person owns is inversely correlated to the number of friends they have. 

This means that the more cats a person own, the less friends they have. For years, people have suspected that crazy cat ladies were trying to make up for their lack of friends with cat companions, but until now, there hasn’t been any science to back it up. Over the course of five years, scientists found both men and women who decided to get cats and observed the points in their lives when they decided they needed more cat friends.

During this study, they found:

Both men and women are 108% more likely to get a cat when going through a breakup

98% of people who own more than three cats have not been outdoors in at least three weeks

52% of cat owners aren’t aware that their cats are not humans

100% of cat owners think that their cats love them but 0% of cats give a shit