Snitching Parrot Calls Out Cheating Boyfriend

snitching parrot, parrot, bird, pet

While you may think parrots are just funny looking birds that you can teach to talk, they are actually snitching little bitches.

Connor Franklin was just trying to have an innocent affair with a really hot girl from his English 101 class. He brought her over to his apartment while his girlfriend was at work and wooed her with his ad-free Hulu account and stain-free couch.

Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that his pet parrot, Barry, was watching from the corner.

The next day when Connor and his girlfriend were eating dinner, Barry shouted, “Connor is a cheating whore! Connor is a cheating whore!” Connor tried to brush it off as if Barry was just a dumb bird, but with no success.

“The blonde girl from English class! The blonde girl from English class!” Barry shouted.

“I knew there was no way he watched four episodes of Broad City on his own, he hates that show. Ugh, now I have to change my Hulu password,” Connor’s girlfriend stated.

“She didn’t even wanna have sex yet so technically I didn’t even cheat, ok?” Connor said as he left his girlfriend and his snitching parrot behind with nothing but a suitcase and blue balls.

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