2016 Presidential Debate Will Air Exclusively on Comedy Central September 26

Comedy Central just announced they have paid the Commission on Presidential Debates over $38 million to have the exclusive airing of the 2016 presidential debates. Up until fairly recently, there was quite a bit of uncertainty about whether or not Donald Trump would agree to debate Hillary Clinton at all. However, Donald Trump has been feeling the pressure to become more “Presidential.”

The Commission of Presidential Debates has announced the hosts and moderators of the upcoming events:

First Presidential Debate:

Monday, September 26, Hofstra University – Hempstead, NY

Moderator: Jerry Seinfeld,  Actor, Comedian, Writer, Producer. Best known for portraying a semi-fictional version of himself on the sitcom, Seinfeld, which he co-created and cowrote. Semi-fictional, much like Donald Trump himself.

Vice Presidential Debate:

Tuesday, October 4, Longwood University – Farmville, VA

Moderator: Kevin Hart, Comedian, Writer, Producer. Best known for being a standup comedian. Stand up comedian, much like Donald Trump himself.

Second Presidential Debate:

Sunday, October 9, Washington University – St. Louis, MO

Moderator: George Lopez, Comedian, Actor, Talkshow host. Best known for his standup comedy which exploits race, ethnic relations, and racism. Exploits race, ethnic relations, and racism much like Donald Trump himself.

Third Presidential Debate:

Wednesday, October 19, University of Nevada – Las Vegas, Nevada

Moderator: Roseanne Barr, Comedian, Controversial Sitcom Star. Best known for being controversial. She has called Israel a “Nazi State,” continuously focuses on her “private parts,” and uses a variety of homophobic words, much like Donald Trump himself.

Keep in mind that it was only a few weeks ago that Trump raised the prospect of skipping these showdowns, and vowed to raise a series of “demands.” The bluster apparently didn’t amount to much: the schedule is unchanged from the previous announced date.