50 Cent Insults Fetty Wap, Forced To Donate $100,000 To ‘Tone Deaf People Of America Society’

50 Cent is in hot water again, and it seems he just couldn’t keep his comments to himself when his friends showed him a YouTube performance of Fetty Wap, live. And according to the people around him, 50 just couldn’t handle the awful sound. While sitting in the airport waiting for his flight, 50 jumped out of his chair and yelled, “Turn that sh*t off. This fool sounds like JJ Fish on crack. Who the hell listens to that bullsh*t. Thanks, now I got a headache.”

Apparently, the whole incident was caught on video and uploaded to social media, and that’s when the ‘Tone Deaf People Of America Society’ got involved. “It’s not Fetty Wap’s fault he sounds so awful. He’s tone deaf, and it’s nothing to joke about,” said Rachel Hunter, president of ‘Tone Deaf People Of America Society’. “Making fun of people with disabilities is not going to be tolerated. We think it’s great that people with disabilities have tools such as auto-tune to make their fans think they can sing. What’s wrong with that? We all deserve a chance at fame and fortune.”

After being ridiculed by Hunter, 50 Cent issued her and the rapper an apology in writing, “While the incident at the airport resulted from ultimate shock that anyone could sound so horrible, it was really a complete misunderstanding. Tone deaf people deserve to have their voice heard covered in a blanket of auto-tune. Please accept my sincere apologies for offending your organization and the less than fortunate community of tone deaf people, including rapper Fetty Wap.”

The tone deaf rapper has not responded to the apology.