Sale Of Anti-Nausea Medication Skyrockets 760% After Announcement Of Caitlyn Jenner Nude Cover Shoot

On May 4, Sports Illustrated announced that Caitlyn Jenner will pose nude on the cover of the iconic magazine and America is responding. According to drug store retailers such as CVS, Walgreens and Walmart, sale of anti-nausea medication skyrocketed nearly 760% in just the last 6 days.

However, makers of Dramamine and Emetrol are not complaining. “We provide consumers with top quality medications to treat nausea and prevent them from vomiting,” said a spokesperson for the popular brand. “We applaud Caitlyn for what she’s doing. And we have the medication to help America cope with it. We wish him, I mean her, the best!”

Retailers have been accused of corporate greed after raising the prices of their anti-nausea products. You will now pay $23 for a product that cost only $9.00 one week ago. “Listen, we’re in business to make money. It’s all about supply and demand. Once people get over the shock of seeing a nude transgender, will put the price is back to normal.”