Obama Endorses Trump

THURSDAY, WASHINGTON D.C. – Donald Trump had a very important meeting with the current POTUS, Barack Obama. Trump was invited to discuss important matters facing this country and the appropriate actions needed to make America great again. Shortly after their meeting, Obama held a press conference announcing that he is endorsing the Republican front-runner, Donald […]

Radical Feminists Declare “ALL S*X IS R*PE”

A group of 1.5 million radical feminists gathered together in front of Capital Hill in mass protest to declare, “All S*x Is R*pe”. They claim that women are being undermined in the sacred ritual of sex. Tina Beth, spokeswoman for the radical movement states, “Our bodies should never be looked upon as sexual objects. We deserve […]

Justin Bieber Starts Transformation Into A Nudist


You may be wondering why Justin Bieber has been acting so strange lately. According to TMZ, “Justin is on a spiritual mission.” Justin Bieber has confirmed TMZ’s comment on his spiritual mission stating, “Ever since I was a young boy, I wanted to be more in touch with my spiritual side. I will reach my […]