Hillary Clinton’s Medical Records LEAKED: Showing Her With This Debilitating Disease

It’s called Typhrumpcolititis, and it affects 8 out of every 10 Americans. According to reports leaked by an unknown source, Hillary Clinton has been suffering from this debilitating disease for nearly 38 years. According to her doctors, it’s only gotten worse, progressing to what doctors consider “end stage” of the disease. According to the Center of […]

Controversial TIME Cover: “I’m The African American’s Greatest Hope” -Donald Trump

Donald Trump opponents are taking a stand against a controversial TIME Magazine cover that was released on Monday. African Americans against Donald Trump are in shock after seeing the Republican nominee on the front of a popular magazine claiming to be “The African American’s Greatest Hope.” “Oh hell to the mother f*ckin’ no,” said Tyrone […]

Donald Trump Offers African Americans Jobs….. In Africa

Donald Trump continues to stage an extremely bad attempt to win over the African-American vote with an appearance Saturday night on Fox News. Trump’s message to the entire black community, “Your lives are so miserable, I couldn’t possibly make things worse.” Ignoring the black middle class and describing the entire racial group as uneducated, unemployed […]