Dab Puts Man in Donut Coma

Marijuana wax, dabs, shatter, honey oil…. call it what you want. But one Seattle, Wa man is calling it dangerous. Danny Stoner, 24, is recovering from a donut overdose and concussion after a series of unfortunate events that took place on Sunday.

Danny got high, real high, and attempted to eat 134 chocolate donuts from several gas stations across the city. It resulted in Danny hitting his head after trying to make it to the bathroom to puke. “They were sooooooo good, I couldn’t stop eating them.” But that’s not how Danny fell into a coma.

Unfortunately, Danny did not sign up during the ObamaCare enrollment, so his friends decided not to call the ambulance. Instead, they decided to “dab the oil rig” before devising a plan. They knew they had to get Danny help on their own. That decision landed Danny his concussion….

Danny is in a coma at the hospital. Danny didn’t have ObamaCare. Danny hit the dab waaaaayyyyy too many times and had 134 donuts. Don’t be like Danny.