Donald Trump Direct Descendent of Hitler

A smart genetic scientist recently acquired a sample of Donald Trump’s hair. The results? Shocking. Very shocking. DNA tests show that Donald Trump shares a genetic code so similar to Hitler, that they are saying that he is a direct descendent. Reporters swarmed the Führerbunker in Berlin to question Hitler about the recent results. Hitler responded, “Yeah, we might be related.”

Political analyst predict that Donald Trump has an ulterior motive other than being president of the United States. “Donald Trump may be set out to finish the business of his great ancestor, Hitler” says a really important analytical scientist. “With all of his recent bigotry, it would be no surprise if the “Muslim Ban” is just a distraction to deter people away from Hitler’s unfinished business, the Jews.”

With North Korea and the KKK both backing Donald Trump, the reality of finishing Hitler’s legacy is closing in to a climactic point. Billions of Donald Trump supporters unsurprisingly seem to be okay with the possible genocide of billions of Jewish people.