Donald Trump Gives Black Power Salute During Black Church Service in Detroit

Donald Trump’s appearance at an African-American church in Detroit went very wrong, as the congregation sat in shock over his speech. The place was nearly empty, giving a speech to a small group of members and it was as condescending and offensive as one would imagine.

Trump told African-Americans that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, which is why they should vote for him, quoted the Bible rather unconvincingly, claimed he was there to remedy injustice, and even gave his own rendition of what really happened during the times of slavery.

“The fact that African-Americans were forced into slavery for nearly 400 years is just awful. Sure, your ancestors were treated fairly, they were well fed and had decent lodging, but they were underpaid. And that’s a travesty. And it’s still happening today. I mean, no healthcare, no education, no anything… it’s a catastrophe. And believe me, I’m going to change that.”

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 Trump went on to talk about how the movie Roots was created just to cause division between races. “Really guys, slavery didn’t happen that way. It’s really sad they even aired that on TV again. I mean, it really put us back 100 years. Let’s get down to the truth and move forward!”

Donald Trump ended his speech with a Black Power Salute asking for the congregation to give him their vote on November 8. The audience sat in shock and disbelief during that entire event. By the end of his speech, there were only a handful of attendees still in the sanctuary. The Pastor of the church stated that Trump will not be invited back for any future speeches.