iPhone 7 Is Going To Have This Groundbreaking Feature

Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed a slew of groundbreaking IOS features for the iPhone. With everything from allowing Siri to be manipulated by developers to the fresh and explosive iMessage, Apple showboated amazing elements that will be implemented in future IOS updates.

After Apple WWDC 2016, Tim Cook was interviewed for additional questions on the updates. He was specifically excited about a new technology his developers were working on. When asked about this technology, he stated, “Donald Trump receives too much media attention. With this feature, iPhone users will have the option to block any reference of his name. In addition to that, using revolutionary face recognition technology, any photo of Donald Trump will now be replaced with a potato because a potato has the same importance as a man who runs a campaign on racism.”

Apple fans from all over the world are excited to see this feature implemented. A recent poll shows that 72% of iPhone users would definitely rather see a potato over Donald Trump.