Man Holds Bong Hit For 4.2 Minutes, Gets Really, Really High

When some people smoke marijuana they just get high. But when Martin Harris takes bong hits of marijuana, he gets “REALLY, REALLY high,” according to his friends who witnessed the entire incident.

What his friends are referring to his Harris’ attempt to beat the High Times world record of holding in a bong hit of 4.15 minutes. Harris accomplished it by flying by the current world record and holding in his bong hit for 4.2 minutes.

“Whoah dude, like whoah,” said Harris as he explained how he felt about slashing the previous record. “It was like…um… what did you ask me? Can you hand me those Doritos.” Harris’ friends say he has been practicing this every day, several times a day for the past year. They attribute his success to hard work, persistence and never giving up. Harris says he will probably have some snacks, take a nap, and have some snacks. Tomorrow, he will try to defeat his current record.

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