Miley Cyrus Announces Plans To Run For Office In 2020

Miley Cyrus held a press conference Friday morning on MTV to announce that she plans to run for President of the United States in 2020 against Kanye West.

“This country is going down the drain. If we have people like Donald Trump running for President and winning, we obviously need some help. And If Kanye becomes President in 2020, who knows what’ll happen with Kim as the First Lady. I plan to use my influence for good,” she stated.

The media and fans were stunned by this announcement, some outraged, and some excited at the thought of a pop star in the White House.

Even Obama chipped in with his two cents, stating “I think she’d make a fine President. She’s a very outgoing, smart, and unique young lady with great ideas. She’s got my vote.”

An all out war has begun on Twitter with Miley and Kanye fans at each other’s throats, bashing the other’s future candidate and defending their own. Miley supporters have stated that Kanye’s ego is too big, while Kanye Supporters have said that Miley is too fun to be in charge.

Miley’s main campaign promise so far is that she would end the war on drugs and get marijuana treatments covered by insurance companies, while Kanye has yet to come out about his policies.