Millennials demand elderly stay in bubbles for sake of humanity, reopen country

Millennials spent yesterday protesting the 2020 covid-19 mandated quarantine at local parks across the country. They are demanding that elderly and the most vulnerable find a different way to protect themselves.

“This isn’t fair,” said Becky Smith, founder of the new movement ‘Put Elderly in Bubbles to Open the Country. “We have the perfect solution everybody should be looking at. It’s much more convenient for us and will allow us to open the country and get things moving again. Plus old people might just have a little bit of fun. “

Smith suggests buying every elderly person in the United States, and people with compromised immune systems, hamster bubbles. This will give them an opportunity to go to Parks, engage with society, and allow millennials to move on with their life of partying and fun without the guilt of “infecting the vulnerable.”

“They don’t have much time left anyway,” said Smith. “Let’s help them live their best life ever.”