Muhammad Ali Hologram Found Protesting Donald Trump Rally

Immediately upon hearing of Muhammad Ali’s death, a group of engineers and scientists/fans came together to create a hologram of the deceased boxer, similar to the one debuted at Coachella a few years back of Tupac Shakur. 

Within just 24 hours, they had successfully created a life-sized, incredibly detailed and accurate hologram depicting Muhammad. Shortly after, it disappeared and tweets and photos surfaced online of the hologram at a Donald Trump Rally.

“I joined a protest outside a Donald Trump rally and I looked over and couldn’t believe it, but it was Muhammad Ali, holding a sign that said, ‘Dump Trump’ right next to me!” said a fellow protestor.

“Muhammad? Now ain’t he a Moose limb? I’m glad he’s dead then,” said a Trump supporter at the rally, immediately before being punched in the face by it.

When asked why he decided to go to the protest, the Muhammad Ali hologram stated, “I just figured he needs a good punch in the face and who better to do it than me?”