Orca Whale Beaches Itself at Sea World after Finding out Hillary Clinton Wins Democratic Nomination

Activists say the footage is “unsettling,” but the theme Parks says it’s just the Orca’s reaction after several media outlets projected Monday that Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic presidential nomination.

Morgan, the captive Orca being held at San Diego Sea World, has shown her fair share of anxiety ever since the presidential campaign began. However, with this announcement on Monday, things have taking a turn for the worse.

The video shows Morgan flopping out of the water and remaining beached for 10 minutes in a suicide attempt.

In April, Morgan was recorded repeatedly banging her head into a metal gate when the polls showed Hillary gaining momentum over Bernie Sanders.

Morgan’s handlers got the situation under control by playing her a YouTube video of Bernie’s rally in San Francisco on Monday where he announced: “It’s going to be difficult, I’m not going to deny that for a second. But the race is not over yet. It’s something we have to fight for.”

At that moment, Morgan complied and went back into the water. “If Hillary really does officially win the nomination, I’m really worried about what Morgan might do,” said Harry Raptor, orca trainer. “On top of that, if Hillary is beat by Donald Trump, I feel we will have an entire zoo full of suicidal animals. We may have an entire country of suicidal people.”