Putin Denies Calling Trump ‘Brilliant’: “I Said He Was Bright, You Know… Bright Orange”

Russian President Vladimir Putin denies calling presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump “brilliant,” claiming that he was mistranslated. Putin says he was misinterpreted by a female translator and that there was no such high praise. “America likes to translate the things that I say and they are always changing the meaning. Why is this?” said Putin as he addressed the misunderstanding.

Putin continued: “I said Donald Trump was ‘Bright,’ not brilliant, let me explain. I was watching one of his speeches on my new Ultra HD 4K Tv. So I could not understand why a person would look so orange on this expensive television. We tried adjusting the color for nearly 15 minutes. Nothing worked. I kept saying why does he look so ‘bright’ orange. Why is Trump so ‘bright’ orange. That is the ‘brightest,’most orange man I have ever seen speak. How does a man like him become so ‘bright’ orange. It had nothing to do with him being brilliant. No, I think he’s an idiot. That, my dear, I hope you translate correctly – stupid, idiot, moron. Did you get that correct?”

Putin said he hopes that when Mr. Trump becomes president he is ready to restore full fledged Russian-American relations. He hopes America will welcome the idea.“Orange is the new black now that Obama will no longer be your president,” said Putin. “We will not discriminate against the color of your American president.”