Rednecks Hold Hands At Mexico Boarder Creating “Hands Across ‘Merica” Human Wall

‘Hands Across America’ was first staged in 1986 when approximately 6.5 million people held hands in a human chain for 15 minutes along a path across the continental United States. The point of this movement’s was to fight hunger and homelessness and help those in poverty. Today, however, Americans are taking a different approach to the iconic movements with hopes that they can keep hunger, homelessness and poverty in Mexico where it does not spread over to the United States.vg34569_REDNECK2


The new “Hands Across ‘Merica” movements has gathered nearly 5.7 million Rednecks and Trump supporters that began forming a human chain along the Mexico border Tuesday morning. “Those gosh darn immigrants need ‘a stay where dey are and we gonna make sure that happens,” said Billy Smith, Trump supporter who says he is also a redneck. “The movement in ’86 was a joke. Can you imagine how much money went to helpin’ Mexicans fight hunger and homelessness? We need ‘a help our own people. I’m tired of these liberals and Mexicans takin’ our jobs. We gonna stop them in their tracks here and now! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!”

The human chain of protesters have been chanting the word “Trump” for 5 hours straight. They say they want the “Mexicans” to know they are here and mean business. Trump tweeted out comments praising his supporters for taking action on this issue: “Thank you to my supporters for stopping the Mexican government from sending over their rapists and murderers.” Another tweet read: “I hope the illegals see the human chain and go crying back to Univision, or wherever the hell they came from.”