Will You Join The #GoOrange2016 Challenge?

The Republican Party is gaining momentum in the 2016 presidential election and they are asking you to join in!

President Barack Obama was our first “black” president and the Trump campaign is asking you to join them in welcoming our first “orange” president of the United States.

 “It’s no secret that Donald Trump is orange and he likes it that way,” said Trump supporter Jack Riddle. “So we have begun a campaign called the #GoOrange2016 Challenge. We’ve already had celebrities send in their photos, along with several Trump supporters. The hashtag #GoOrange2016 has been trending on social media all day!”

If you would like to show your support for presidential nominee Donald Trump, go to your local Walmart, CVS, Walgreens or dollar store and purchase the cheapest spray tan you can find.

Those are guaranteed to turn your skin a fine orange, just like Mr. Trump. Then post your photo to social media with the hashtag #GoOrange2016. Let’s get started!