Woman Loses Everything After Doing What Her Horoscope Said

28-year-old Christy Chris has recently lost her house, her job, her husband, and all of her left shoes after following the advice of her online horoscope.

When she woke up Monday morning last week, the first thing she did was check her horoscope. Apparently it said, “It may be time to let loose. You spend all your time worrying about your relationships, your job, and your finances. Ditch your responsibilities even if just for a few hours and spend some time pampering yourself. You work hard, you deserve it, Scorpio!”

Christy decided the horoscope was right and decided to ditch her shift at In N Out and take a trip to the beach. What her horoscope didn’t know was that Christy was already on probation at work for several no call-no shows and was immediately fired when she didn’t show up for work that day.

Her husband, Matthew, left upon finding out that she had ditched work, assuming that she went back to the crack house to do drugs where he first found her after accidentally going to the wrong building for a dentist’s appointment.

Matthew packed his bags and left the home they bought together without realizing he had left the stove on. Within just a few minutes, the house was up in flames.

Strangely, everything in the house was reduced to ashes except Christy’s right shoes. On the bright side, Christy said she had a wonderful time at the beach that day and that it was “totally worth it.”